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Hydrolift – Your License to Race

High performance boats is our legacy. Your passion is our driving force to keep creating innovative solutions on water, and we commit to this vow by incorporating our racing-R into the Hydrolift logo – a truly unique registered trademark. Your license to race.


Performance –
it’s in our DNA

We are proud of our racing history and use all our experience to develop innovative leisure boats and professional vessels. Innovation, design, and performance are the foundation of every Hydrolift.

The DNA of Norwegian history combined with power and performance.

UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Champions


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to Last,
Tested to the

To achieve the performance and driving abilities of a Hydrolift, we perform both fluid, aerodynamic and strength analysis on critical components such as hull, stringer, and deck. To design and engineer a professional vessel requires our team to follow several strict standards and regulations. All systems require backups to avoid failing offshore; operating a vessel in all conditions requires well thought-out and tested ergonomics. High operation time, efficiency, and serviceability are other important factors.

One Hull – Many Vessels

Combining the latest technology, modern design techniques and verified human factors allows us to introduce the unprecedented, highly reusable and modular platform focusing on safety, reliability and usability with a significant cost reduction compared to one-off builds. Utilizing the Hydrolift modular platform as a base, our clients can customize the vessel to their needs, being it a search and rescue, police, fire, ambulance, wind park, patrol, harbor, coast guard, or any other vessel. The modular design, with its common parts, simplifies maintenance and training, increases operational quality and reduces operational costs.

Precise Simulation

The composition of the composite material is a compromise between weight and strength. All boat components were carefully evaluated and designed to handle sea and wind loads, while being as light as possible for maximum performance and agility. The submerged hull conceals numerous tests and hydrodynamic features, which are marked by the boat’s excellent maneuverability and high speed.

Durable Materials

Plugs for all glass fibre reinforced plastic parts were CNC machined by our new large five axis CNC machine. In the process we worked close with Eker Design and the production department to obtain the best possible mixture of engineering and high efficient production.

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