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Our Service and Aftermarket Department are eager to be your closest supporter when you buy a Hydrolift. The trained personnel are ready to assist whenever you experience any issues or need any guidance during your hassle-free ownership.

Our passion for power

By continually challenging ourselves to develop and build state-of-the-art performance boats and vessels, it means that we must constantly be able to deliver and integrate the latest technology that is available. At the same time, our passion and appreciation for older engines and classic models is ever present through offering re-powering and upgrades.

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We are the production department’s extended arm in the completion of a Hydrolift. Through our F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test), H.A.T. (Harbour Acceptance Test), and S.A.T. (Sea Acceptance Test), we ensure every Hydrolift pleasure boat or professional vessel has been thoroughly checked and tested before leaving the factory.

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